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TLC Program

As an element of our corporate clientele, Big Trailer Rentals actively pursues ways to improve the customer experience and we are pleased to announce our new TLC Program.  This program is designed for long-term leasing customers who are looking for a strategic partner which can support quick-turn, on-demand trailer leasing services.

What is the TLC Program?  In a nutshell, it's our Trailer Leasing Concierge program which provides the benefits shown below to long-term commercial companies.  There is no membership fee for the program, just the minimum requirements shown below.  


  • On-site delivery anywhere in the U.S. within 72 hours of approval
  • Eliminate cost of ownership
  • FREE maintenance service
  • Increase productivity - No downtime for employees driving to pick up trailers, maintenance, etc.
  • Customizable trailer options (could extend delivery time)
  • Tax deductible
  • Net 30 payment option for corporations

As you can see, there are many benefits and services offered as part of our free TLC Program and we have just a few prerequisites that must be met to take advantage of the services offered.  


  • One (1) month minimum lease period
  • Class A CDL

Here at Big Trailer Rentals, we are providing the service and care customers are looking for.  Getting started is easy.  For more detailed information on the TLC Program, send us an Email or call 951-514-6980.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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