Big Trailer Rentals

Vehicle Requirements for Trailer Rentals

Truck Size

A 3/4 ton truck or bigger is recommended for most trailers.  If you are unsure if your truck is capable of towing a trailer, look up the manufacture's specifications for your vehicles towing capacity.  If you don't have an adequate truck to tow a trailer, Enterprise Truck Rentals offers new rental pickup trucks at a very reasonable price.  Enterprise trucks are equipped with the proper tow package and 7-pin light plug connection.  Most rental trucks from other companies are not capable of towing trailers or the company may prohibit anyone from towing a trailer.

Tow Package

A class IV hitch is recommended or  a tow package strong enough to handle the total weight or Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).  Tongue weight is generally 10% to 15% of the trailer + load.  A ball that is mounted directly to the rear bumper of a vehicle is unsafe and should not be used tow a trailer.

Ball Size

All of our trailers use a 2 5/16" Ball - We have rentals (ball & mount) with a gross tongue weight rating of 15,000 lb. available for a $10 one-time fee, if needed.  If you choose to purchase one, a Curt ball and mount can be purchased on Amazon for about $52.

Light Plug

A 7 Pin Round Light Plug Recepter.  This is commonly known as a 7 Pin RV Plug.  It will have 6 outside pins and 1 center pin.  If you only have a 4 pin plug, we do not rent out the adapter because you will lose trailer brakes.

Brake Controller 

Every towing vehicle should have a brake controller.  Without a brake controller, you will not have trailer brakes which is unsafe.

Big Trailer Rentals