Trailer Rental Palm Springs, CA


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Are there trailer rentals near me?

Yes, we have local trailer for rent in your area.  

Are there trailer rentals with unlimited mileage?

Yes, all of our trailer rentals include unlimited mileage.

Can a trailer be delivered to my home or office?

Yes, we offer nationwide delivery of any trailer rental for an additional fee.

How much does a trailer rental cost?

The average 16′ to 24′ trailer can be rented for $100 to $175 per day.  The rental rates depend on the size and style of trailer.

Can trailers be taken out of state?

Yes, we do allow all of our trailers to travel anywhere within the U.S.

Palm Springs Pedal to the Metal: Car Enthusiast’s Oasis


Palm Springs, California, is renowned for its mid-century modern architecture, stunning desert landscapes, and vibrant culture. While the city is celebrated for its historical charm, it also offers an array of activities for car enthusiasts. Whether you’re passionate about off-roading, classic cars, car shows, car meets, Jeep clubs, or car races, Palm Springs is a haven for automotive aficionados. In this article, we’ll explore the best car-related activities and events in Palm Springs, California.


  1. Off-Roading in the San Andreas Fault Zone: Palm Springs sits at the gateway to the San Andreas Fault Zone, providing off-roading enthusiasts with a unique and rugged landscape to explore. With a variety of trails and terrains, the region is perfect for off-road adventures, whether you’re on a dirt bike, ATV, or in a 4×4 vehicle. Discover the thrill of conquering desert trails surrounded by breathtaking vistas.
    1. Joshua Tree Off-Road Adventures: If you’re looking for guided off-road adventures, Joshua Tree Off-Road Adventures, located near Palm Springs, offers a range of excursions tailored to different skill levels. Their experienced guides will lead you through the desert wilderness, offering insights into the region’s history and natural wonders.
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    1. Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association: The Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association is a local car club that hosts various car-related events, including car shows, cruises, and charity fundraisers. If you’re a classic car enthusiast, consider joining the club to connect with fellow car lovers and participate in their engaging activities.


    1. Palm Springs Vintage Market: While not exclusively a car event, the Palm Springs Vintage Market is a treasure trove for classic car enthusiasts. This monthly market features a wide array of vintage and retro items, including automotive memorabilia, classic car parts, and collectibles. It’s a great place to hunt for unique automotive artifacts.


    1. Palm Springs Air Museum Car Show: The Palm Springs Air Museum hosts an annual car show that combines two passions: classic cars and aviation. Visitors can explore a collection of classic cars while admiring the museum’s impressive display of vintage aircraft. It’s a unique experience for enthusiasts of both worlds.
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    1. Cars and Coffee Palm Springs: Inspired by the worldwide “Cars and Coffee” phenomenon, Palm Springs hosts its own version of this informal gathering. Car owners and enthusiasts come together to showcase their vehicles, chat about their shared passion, and enjoy the cool desert mornings. The event welcomes all types of cars, from classic to modern, and fosters a sense of community among attendees.
    1. Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association Car Show: The Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association organizes an annual car show that attracts classic car owners and enthusiasts from across the region. The event features an impressive collection of vintage cars, hot rods, and customized vehicles. It’s an ideal platform to appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication of car owners.


    1. Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance: While not in Palm Springs itself, the Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance is a prestigious car event held nearby. This annual showcase of classic and vintage cars features a selection of the world’s finest automobiles, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Coachella Valley.


    1. The Thermal Club: Located just a short drive from Palm Springs, the Thermal Club is a private motorsports club and racetrack that hosts a range of racing events, including high-performance driving experiences and professional racing competitions. If you’re passionate about racing, this is the place to get your adrenaline fix.


    In conclusion, Palm Springs, California, may be celebrated for its timeless allure and desert landscapes, but it also offers a vibrant and diverse car culture. Whether you’re passionate about off-roading, classic cars, car shows, car meets, Jeep clubs, or car races, Palm Springs provides a range of activities and events to cater to your love for automobiles. So, gear up and dive into the exhilarating car culture that Palm Springs has to offer. With off-roading adventures, classic car shows, car meets, active car communities, and racing events, you’re sure to find something that revs up your automotive passion in this desert oasis.